A road trip gone awry

Porche & Jag EType by CooperTeaMaster
Porche & Jag EType, a photo by CooperTeaMaster on Flickr.

In the 60’s and 70’s When I was a young man I would gaze enviously at the sports cars of the day thinking to myself…”I will never own anything like that..!” It did not occur to me at the time that as I aged, so did the cars!! And in 2000’s it would be possible to own a 1971 car (IF you were prepared to put up with the repair bills!)

A few years ago I purchased from a friend probably one of the world’s most favored sports cars..the famous Jaguar E type. What a magnificent design, what flair, what style, what a large number of cylinders (12 in all).

So when a friend who owned a 1957 Porsche asked if I was interested in a road trip into the Colorado back country and the mountains I said “Yes” and off we set. All was well for the first two days, then on a dirt road in the back country my elegant E type said “Enough” and stopped working.

The pictures tell the story…it turns out the electric leads to the fuel pump were shaken loose over some ill advised rough roads we took…Note to self “On the next road trip in the Jag stick to the tarmac”

The Porsche made it back to Boulder with a passenger. The Jag sits in a mountain town awaiting my return to pick her up. The next road trip I think I will take my 1960 Morgan…slower, but simpler, but equally as stylish in its own way.

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