When is a rare fish not a rare fish?

Barrys Rare Fish by CooperTeaMaster
Barrys Rare Fish, a photo by CooperTeaMaster on Flickr.

The Hog fish cannot be caught. It can only be hunted and speared. This makes it a very difficult fish to enjoy as not many brought to the table. It not a rare fish but it is a rare fish to eat because of this. It is also an EXTREMELY GOOD fish to eat. It is tender, sweet, firm and not dry. It looks like a HOG…look at that snout!! So when one of my favorite restaurants (The Clam House in Palmetto) announced that they had a large Hog fish available I bought the whole thing.
Eight of us showed up to enjoy the feast which was probably a bit too many people but who cared..we all got to get a taste of this rare dish…I freely admit that I am a “Foodie”…but there are worst things in life to be. I think I have mentioned before that If you make your living tasting things, then why not taste as many things as you can. Life is for living after all.
Thank you Mr. Hog Fish. You made my evening, and it would appear Capt. Bob’s as well, he is my friend clutching the tail end of the Hog!

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