A Dance to Remember

October 21st, 2008

Well, we did not win, but we had fun.  This is Pat and I after it was all over. I redid my bow tie and after the show was over I began to pick up the pieces of my birthday which had been lost as I had spent ALL day at this event.  It was a worthy cause, I learnt some great dance steps, we raised a lot of money, I made a great friend in Pat…but my dancing career is over. I mean how many times can you play James Bond and get a laugh??

Well Sean could tell you but I am not sure he played Bond for laughs!!


October 21st, 2008

Not the clearest picture as there was too much movement but this is how Pat and I ended our routine.  She dipped across my arms and I lowered her so that I was looking down at her and at that moment I undid my bow tie as the voice said ‘BOND, JAMES BOND”  It was a kick!!  It got a good laugh and good round of applause.

Waiting to Perform

October 21st, 2008

Here we all are crammed into the wings watching each other dance.  It is my turn up next and you can see that I have changed into a much more urbane outfit.  We actually danced to the theme song from “James Bond!!”  Well why not??  It got a great laugh.  The audience was great and you can feel the energy on the stage when you are out there.  I can understand why actors love stage work…you really do feel connected to the people who are watching.  I was not nervous at all. I think Pat and I had really got our routine down to where we both knew it by heart…even if we forgot it in a moment of panic, muscle memory would have carried us through I think…


October 21st, 2008

Here is the make-up artist!  With the tools of her trade.  I have to confess that I had to have the top of my head powdered, otherwise I stood the risk of blinding the audience with reflected light!!

$26,000 !!!

October 21st, 2008

Here we are all lined up…..event raised over $26,0000 for the YWCA so you can say that some folks thought we were pretty good …..

Dancing with the Stars

October 21st, 2008

OK…so  you know that I have been practicing and rehearsing for the local event “Dancing with the Stars”!!  Well the event took place on my birthday. I had to be at the theatre at 11 am and the event was at 7.30…but you have to rehearse!!!  There was much excitement in the wings and in the dressing room…the amount of makeup used was amazing….anyway, the first intro was for all the couples to walk down from the rear of the theatre and up onto the stage where we were introduced.  Seeing as I am all about the image of Cooper Tea I wore my jungle Jim outfit and hat…..you could say that I stood out!  But that is what marketing is all about!!  We then each had to walk forward and do a dance move…this was ours!  Pat twirled and then did a lean into me…..The other competitors lined up behind us..

Dancing with the Stars

August 26th, 2008

 ”Dancing with the Stars” is a very popular TV show.  We have a local version in Boulder that is run for charity.  I was asked to participate as a “Star”.  Where they got that idea I have not a clue, BUT Sandy and I enjoy dancing and the foxtrot etc so I said yes because the commitment to participate came with 18 free dance lessons.  Little did I know what I was letting myself in for.  Dancing with professionals is all about discipline, shoulder angles, open stances, nimble feet and lifts and twirls that make me dizzy. Here I am posing with my partner and professional teacher Pat for the publicity shots.  Pat,is teaching me the meaning of “pay attention”. Actually it’s great fun.  The big day is October 16, which happens to be my birthday, so maybe that’s an omen.

Corn Beef and Cabbage

March 17th, 2008

Corn Beef and Cabbage!  Nestled up alongside chunks of potatoes…..Let’s think now, what could this represent?  Ahhh St. Patrick’s Day!  In years gone by it would be green beer, or Jameson’s but now it is the more staid plate of food.  That’s what age and experience brings to you…I have woken up from many a St. Paddy’s celebration with the realization that the Irish would rule the world if it were not for alcohol.  With Barry being my first name, which is as Irish as you can get and a grandmother from Galway, the Irish heritage is there for all to see.  The great thing about corn beef and cabbage?  No hangover!!

Friday the 29th

February 29th, 2008

It’s Friday.  It’s Feb 29.  Do you know how often that happens?   Well Feb 29 rolls around every 4 years, but how often does it fall on a Friday?  Every 28 years!!  Well, we at the office figured that the date and the event deserved a party, or at least a TGIF (Thank God its Friday) for those who don’t do shorthand. A good time was had by all!  Can’t wait for the next Friday 29th Feb….it is nice to think that I will still be around (just??)

The Lecture

February 27th, 2008

Here I am giving the lecture. I talk about what it takes to build up a successful business.  The pitfalls, the traps, the $$$$$, the lack of $$$$ the planning and all of the other stuff that goes into putting it all together.  The students are seniors and some are graduate students.  I was asked to present because the Professor wanted them to hear what it takes from a practical standpoint, not from a theoretical view.  There is no doubt that I live in the everyday practical.  Not much theory is involved from where I sit…I think I get that message across.  I am always genuinely thanked after the talks.  I think it is fact that I present the real world view.  It’s what faces them as they graduate and step out into the wide world.